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Privacy Notice

Welcome to this website! Our privacy policy, a commitment to the privacy of visitors. My collection of public information and use of the following text. The privacy policy of the website has been improved to expand the scope of our website, and we will update our privacy policy at any time. We welcome you at any time in the extract view.
By agreeing to the Site Services Agreement (the "Agreement"), you agree that we will use part of the Agreement in accordance with all terms of this Privacy Policy in accordance with your privacy policy and disclosure of information.

Username and password
If you want to register for a user, select a username and password and provide password tips and answers so we can confirm your identity if you lose your password. You can only pass the password of your account. If you've leaked your password, you may lose your personal information and may take legal action against you. For whatever reason your password security is compromised, you should contact us immediately.

Registration information
If you are registered as a user, please complete the application form. Ask for the registration, stating your real name, address, nationality, telephone number and e-mail address. If you are a business customer, you may also ask for a brief description of the company, the telephone number and the address of your company's services and products. You also have the opportunity to fill in other information. This information can be for your business provinces, time zones and zip codes, fax numbers, home and office. We use this information to obtain registered user statistics. We will use these statistics to categorize our users so we can offer new services to our customers. We will inform you about these new services via your e-mail address.

Your trading behavior
It is necessary that we use the IP address as the only security. If we do not detect any security issues, we will immediately delete the IP address we have collected. We track Tian Fang's access to the data. When we direct traffic to a page-by-page site, one day we think about planning for future developments (for example, adding servers).

Third party
Personal Information We do not offer third parties the right to sell, rent, share and trade users unless third parties and relatives come together to end the services for toddlers and island websites, and users are the former Access in one place prohibited All access to this data. If we legislate or compel you to disclose your information, we disclose your information in good faith, as required by the government.

For sure
Our site has reasonable safeguards to ensure that the information we hold is not lost, abused or altered. These security measures secure data on other servers and user password encryption. Although we have these security measures, please note that there is no "perfect security measure" on the internet.

Change the data
You can change your personal information and password or update on the Nanny website (after successful login).

Contact us
If you like this privacy policy or the Andre Child Island Privacy Policy and use tips and comments on your questions, please contact us.