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Shipping & Returns

Please note, if you would like someone to collect packages on your behalf, if they need your identity or ID and the same last name for you.

When it comes to delivery time, your package has left our warehouse. We can not guarantee delivery times, papers and descriptions are for reference only.

Receive an e-mail informing you that your order has been placed by In addition, the email will be communicated to you as soon as your parcel has been sent to your delivery address.

Please provide us with your full delivery address and contact number, as this can contribute to a quick delivery.

Refund and return
If customers come back because they decide that they no longer need them, they have to return after 28 days. Unnecessary goods will not be returned back to the US within 28 days of receipt. Returned goods must be provided with the original packaging and proof of purchase as proof of purchase for the unused / unworn condition. The delivery note is called "Reason for Return", or a part must be completed when the inventory is returned.

If you think you have purchased a product with a production problem online, you can return it for review. If we think of a defective production, we will change the goods (as the case may be) or refund them. You must receive the original package and return the received website within 7 days as proof of purchase

The product must be completed and the reason for the return (which is linked to your web receipt) will be returned together. If you purchase items under a special offer or package and decide that one or more items are not suitable, you must return all items as part of a package purchase or replacement.

You can order and sell stores that are happy to find out locally, and to sell products to sell when they are needed. If you continue to review the request or request a full refund, you must return it to the store or headquarters. The customer service will contact you accordingly and your order will inform you about the next step.

For health reasons, we can not accept the benefits of underwear, braces, water bottles, insoles or football boots. You are entitled to a refund if the item is damaged 7 days of paper / error.

Allow us to charge your account within 28 days of the date of publication. We will refund your payment.